The Common Core

The media today is trying to sell that the Common Core is not curriculum based. Let me dispel that as a teacher and an author on the subject. What was the name of your curriculum before the federal government took over? The State Core Curriculum. What is the name now? The Common Core. Core being the key word. Take away the word curriculum and make us all dummies.

But the question is why is the media so concerned with misguiding the public. We already know that the presidential administration has them under control.
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But why are they misdirecting the public. Let me tell you why. There is a law that says that any national curriculum is unconstitutional. If a lawyer gets a hold of this, a class action suit can be filed, and down goes the Common Core. Seems simple… It isn’t. Most of the organizations I have talked to are busy in their own rhetoric and do not interexchange the data or cooperation it would take to bring down the Common Core. the federal government understands that there is federal and state legislation that would repeal the Common Core based on some very simple to prove facts that tag the Common Core as unconstitutional both at the federal and state levels. There is a window of opportunity to repeal the Common Core, but the truth is it is a narrow window. Knowledge of the simple facts as they stand is the weapon of choice. The truth from the inside can repeal all myths and false statements the media makes to sway the public away from understanding what is at their disposal to take back education.
I am a teacher, from the inside, and have been researching the education system for the past several years. I have written a book titled “If It’s Broken Don’t Fix It” for the purpose of bringing the realities to light; the truth they don’t want you to know.
The book exposes the realities of the education system. It doesn’t cover up, but reveals the hidden secrets and facts around the corruption that is now the system, how it has sold itself for government funding, and how the federal government succeeded in it’s power grab; taking away the state’s rights to education. It is not a quiet book, but exposes the hypocrisy behind the system’s failed attempts on better education, and explains why the millions of dollars spent are bandage solutions that have attempted to fix a gaping wound, while the problem becomes uncontrollable.
I wrote it for the American public, because they have a right to know; because of the millions of frustrated parents that don’t know why their problems go unanswered in the bureaucracy -in a system that seems only concerned about its own political agenda. But the book also addresses teachers and educators directly. It sends a message to politicians that clearly states that the American public has a right to better education, but that it is not the government’s role to steal that right away from it’s citizens. Midwest Book Review put it this way: “The condition of our public school system throughout the nation is one of escalating controversy, scandal, and protest. “If It’s Broken Don’t Fix It” by Sinhue Noriega is a 240 page compendium providing the reader with an accurate and detailed commentary on the current shortcomings and failures of American educational institutions today. Informed and informative, “If It’s Broken Don’t Fix It” should be considered mandatory reading for parents, teachers, school administrators, politicians, and non-specialist general readers who are concerned with the state of education in America today and seeking remedies for the complacency that supports the current status quo. Simply stated, “If It’s Broken Don’t Fix It” is highly recommended for personal, professional, community, and academic library Contemporary Education Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.”
We must send a clear message to the Federal government that says we are capable of educating our own children as we see fit. Our communities and our states have the right to self sovereignty and must never be mandated by a system that would set itself as a dominating force. There is still time to stop the mandates of the socialist regulatory system known as the Common Core. There is still time to realize what has happened, and educate as many people so their voices can unite. But the window of opportunity is closing, and if we shut our eyes and pretend nothing is happening, then our chance to stop this government’s rape on education will be gone. The central message is simple: to place our children’s future first, with parents and educators in control, not the central government.
And there is hope. You and I can make a difference. The system itself mans to strip away hope, to tell parents there is nothing that can be done for their children, except to label them with some disability and place them in another federally funded program that will continue to fail. But there is hope. We can take back education. Parents can unite, teachers can be ignited with the fire they once had, and we can win. Some parents are already doing it. Some teachers have even taken over local education in their failing districts. There are many ways, and many solutions, but the time to act is now, before the doors are shut by more federal dictation-policies.
What the media intends to do is to continue to give false information to disable and disarm the public. But there are many voices right now that are in tune, and understand what is happening in our nation. These go alongside what this book is about. People like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have been exposing the federal government power-grabs on a daily basis. Mark Levin with “Ameritopia” also exposes the audacity of a corrupt system that only seeks for total domination. Michael Savage’s new book spells it out. The system is out to destroy the constitution. Sean Hannity is one to back this as well.
Education is only one of many sectors of private life that the government has taken over. But why would the government and Mr. Obama be so interested in good education? The answer is they are not. Test scores have not improved, they have continued to decline since the Common Core has seized control away from the states. The only reason they care for education is that it is a force to control future generation’s minds. A government that has complete control over what your children learn is a very powerful entity – it is a dictatorship.
It is the rhetoric within the system, the hypocrisy that stops the messages of books like these before they ever begin. People that read these books get fired up, (excuse the pun) but when they try to apply the principles within the book, the system itself jumps in to defeat and deceive with misinformation. And if you believe the misinformation then you believe there is nothing wrong. You will believe that compromising your values to bend to a corrupt system is the only thing that can be done.
Despite that our country spends tens of millions of dollars on education, why is our nation being
outperformed by China? The answer is that the system itself is not concerned about good education. It would shock the reader to find out how many times I was sat down and told by a principal or some other administrator, that the bottom line is the money. The system doesn’t care about our children being outperformed by China, or by any other third world country for that matter. It doesn’t care that we are failing and falling at continuing speeds. The bottom line is revenue. So while countries like China outperform us not only in our test scores, but by the amount of scientist it produces, the United States cuts its spending on programs like the space race, and directs money towards non-operational solutions.
You see, once you understand that the system is a business, set up on self gain and self preservation, then the mystery makes sense. It began with government mandates like NCLB and its strict regulatory entanglement that sent our country spiraling aimlessly. And while the results of that fiasco only left our nation’s students further behind, the cost to support more regulation skyrocketed. It became one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the American People who were left with the bill. Now the federal government comes in with even more regulation? Ask yourself this: If over-regulation didn’t work the first time around, how in the world is federal takeover going to set us back on a path towards decent education?
We are allowing the government to fail, to take from us our right to do the job ourselves, and continue to pay the bill. If you had a tutor who didn’t help your child improve, would you still pay that tutor? And yet that is exactly what we are doing!
Federal mandates are not claiming to leave NCLB legislation behind, but rather to continue strengthening those mandates that would continue to force districts and schools to revolve around the end of year tests. The result was a catastrophic then and it will be even more catastrophic to our nation in the future. If we allow the Common Core to stand, schools will continue to teach the test and omit those parts that do not appear on the test. But even more impending is the threat of federal takeover that looms at our doors.
NCLB went quietly and was replaced by a federal system. Most people have no idea that we have a federal education system now. It happened overnight, quietly, without media coverage, and without the connect of educators, administrators, or even the people. There was no discussion, there were no panels, no democratic process whatsoever. The senate and house didn’t even vote on it. This was as close to an imperialistic takeover as it could be, and if we allow this kind of unconstitutional action by our government then we open the door to be stripped of every civil right within the decade. We stand open to a dictatorship instead of a democracy that would resemble a socialist empire rather than the America we all believe in.
The states were manipulated to sign an unconstitutional law into their own constitutions. We certainly don’t have time to go into all the complexities of it right now, that’s what the book is for. The downfall of NCLB was planned long ago by a federal curriculum that was designed around a socialist European order set on expanding it to a world wide core. The media is now selling this plan as a limited powered regulation that standardizes the test for everyone. But the word Core itself means curriculum; that’s why we used to have a state core curriculum. It doesn’t take 1500 pages to standardize a test.
The standards set by the Common Core cannot be diminished by the states as they stand. This set of
mandates seizes all control over the states.
But as we know it is the House and Senate that are supposed to create laws, not the president. In order to get around this, to create laws from the white house, the administration had to trick each state into administering White House policy directly into their state constitutions; and thereby breaching current law.
The governors of the states signed the several laws and bills that added the many policies of the Common Core as state law. And of course the Federal government would think that it cleverly bypassed the constitution by doing so in a legal way. But what everyone fails to understand is that those state laws themselves are illegal as well. You see there were provisions set up under the constitution that could repeal a power grab of this magnitude. Is illegal for a state to create a law that hands over a right retained under the constitution as a privilege for that state. As long as we act fast, and assuming that the judges in the supreme courts have not all been bought off, we can still repeal this law.
We can do this, we can take back our education. There are several organizations with pieces of the puzzle. But we must get together and act fast. Organizations like The Heritage Foundation, CATO, and American Principles Project are working hard to bring people the message. Other organizations like Utahn’s against common core have a massive petition aimed towards the government. And yet other organizations like Utah Eagle Forum have discovered the legislation that would repeal the Common Core. The answer is to combine all our efforts. We must take our petition to the courts, combine our knowledge of the laws that protect our rights, combine our common awareness, and take our case to the courts with a class action suit that would bring back control of education and repeal the Common Core once and for all.
The law itself can be used. I spoke earlier about the fact that even the state laws are unconstitutional. In other words, state henchmen cannot be placed to give our freedoms over to the federal government. there are provisions in the constitution against it. Otherwise our democracy would have failed long ago. Simply stated, if a governor sells his soul for money and gives away a constitutional right, the law itself is null and void as long as it gets its fair day in the court. People have many avenues. First of course is awareness, and that is my mission to make people aware of what has happened through my book. Next of course is to educate as many people as you can, and then it is to form groups of people that will rally the cause. Class action lawsuits are one of the biggest weapons. I am not a litigious man, except when it comes to our inalienable rights. the courts are our defense against those that would oppress, set by the founders of our nation, against any sovereignty whether foreign or domestic – which in this case is the latter. Sue your state, sue the federal government, sue the governors, and the school districts who allow unconstitutional laws to regulate what your children are learning. Sue those involved with taking your God given rights; those that cost the price of precious blood. Write letters, write petitions, form campaigns, call for reelections, and special elections. The state of California called for a special election when Schwarzenegger went into office. Do the same. But most important – stand up and start doing right now.
The reason for my writing my book was to educate the public. It is to empower the cause of freedom and Constitution and a good education. If one thought – for my children and for your children.
The opposition would use facts in their arsenal. I have used facts for our arsenal. It is in the facts that I lay my message. the numbers are right, the statements are right, the quotes are right. It is they who will have to defend themselves and their misleading facts.

I wrote this book to expose the falsehoods. Obviously I believe very much in what the message is. I simply saw what was happening and as a teacher within the system, knew that I could make a difference. I believe in this country, in our rights, freedoms, and in our constitution. I still believe this is the greatest country in all the world. I believe that our creator fashioned it out of his best sand. Now my country and its freedoms are under attack. Not by a nation far away, but from within, by those who would take the whole of it for themselves and offer freedoms to no one. I hope to open minds and point people in the right direction. I hope to gain back our freedoms in education and in every avenue we are entitled to. We are in a sacred land and we must never sit idly by while our freedoms are taken by oppression. This has never happened before in our nation, but it is unfortunately happening before our eyes. Boldly they would take our rights – so bold we must retaliate. Not for power-lust like they, but for the love of freedom, and state rights. I hope to rally the cause to take back education, for the future of our nation that belongs to those that are young and those that are yet unborn.
Learn what is really happening in our education system, not what they are trying to sell; but from one that stands from within. From a Teacher who is not afraid to tell the truth.
My book is now available at: and will soon be available in local retailers as well. And if you send me an email through my website, I will personally send you a signed copy.